Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 9/ August 9th – Rough Bay to Blunden Harbour

Intended to get out early, but got sucked back into Sointula with our curiosity of the bakery we left unexplored luring us back on the bikes. It was worth the trip. Coffee, scones, cream cheese and smoked salmon croissant and molasses bread. Hit up the coop for some last minute goods and picked up some sweet cardamom bread at the Saturday morning market. Almost got sucked into staying for the “pet parade” by the enthusiastic baker, but the glassy water and sun were calling us out on the water. During the ride back to the boat we did a photo shoot of the thoughtful and unique fences of Sointula. Gorgeous day motoring across Queen Charlotte Straight to Blunden Harbour. Passed dolphins and one sea otter. Anchored in the one spot where cell service creeps through a slot in the trees - 3 bars! Dinner and bed.


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