Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 18/ August 18th – Rock Inlet to Fish Trap Bay (Fish Egg Inlet)

Scott spent the morning bent over the engine and I made muffins with the ingredients we had. Scott got satisfaction from levering the engine to get the Namu bolts in place and I from using up some sad looking carrots and apples in the muffins. We were both more than satisfied with the new purr from the engine at low RPMs!

Headed out and decided to forfeit the trip to Shearwater/Bella Bella - now that we’d found the bolts, no need to enter civilization, although the fresh produce and laundry were tempting.  Made our way down to Fish Egg Inlet tucked in to what seemed like another world. Seemed that no matter what was happening outside this Inlet, it would be calm and peaceful in here. We set the prawn trap and set up in a corner with a stern tie with the company of loons.


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