Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 16/ August 16th – Sea Otter Inlet to Koeye River

Celebration day! Turned over the engine to make our way over to Koeye for the blessing and celebration of the lodge they’ve been rebuilding since a fire destroyed their old lodge 3 years ago. The engine had a new vibrating sound and Scott noticed two bolts missing from the engine mount. Called over to Koeye to see if there were any boats heading past that could give us a lift. In the end, we found an RPM that seemed to vibrate the engine at a tolerable level and started limping over to Koeye. About halfway across we noticed the RCMP boat fly passed us. Tried to get them on the radio, but they weren’t responding. Watched them pull into Sea Otter and then come out again. Then we got a call from Prince Rupert Coast Guard Radio relaying a message from the Bella Bella RCMP on 16! They called us “Norgi” so maybe people didn’t recognize it was us.

Arrived in Koeye, dropped anchor, hopped in the dingy, ran up the hill just in time to hear the MC say, “And that concludes the blessing.” Fortunately, there were a few more conclusions after that. Were fed a timely and delicious lunch, visited with friends who had come from Victoria, Vancouver, Bella Bella, Rivers Inlet, walked down to the Big House and wandered barefoot down the sandy beach where people gathered and cooled off in the water. Then a very special invitation to watch the Heiltsuk youth perform their sacred songs and dances in the Big House around the fire. It’s a magic thing to watch them bring life to the Heiltsuk songs and traditions you hear and read about.

Had a look through a bag of bolts that had been salvaged from Namu, the sinking cannery up the channel, but couldn’t find a match. Did a search through a bucked of bolts on board Habitat – the PacificWild catamaran, no match. Joined the McAllister's and company on Habitat for a lively dinner and then headed back to Nordri amidst the leaping pinks and phosphorescence.   


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