Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25/July 25 – Shearwater to Uncharted Cove

Said good-bye to our friends at Pacific Wild headquarters and headed out - There isn’t a lot of bandwidth in the Bella Bella/Shearwater area – so no blog uploading or emailing for us.
Stopped in a Shearwater again to pick up fuel a few last minute things we had forgot from the day before. Rafted up against some fish boats and rowed over. Ran into the Kitasoo Xais’xais SEAS interns were were in town to pick up Nancy Turner and bring her back to Klemtu for some time with her in the field. Loosely arranged a dinner together and then headed out. On the way, we went past the light station where Scott did some work as a coop student about 15 years ago!

We spent the night in an uncharted cove, we could understand why it hadn’t been charted!

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