Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 19/ August 19th – Fish Trap Bay to Remotesville Cove (Fish Egg Inlet)

One of those gorgeous days where the sun shines and you don’t see another soul. Did some exploring up the little estuary we were anchored into. Bear prints in the mud. Clammered through a tangle of fallen cedars, slippery rocks, salal jungles where it’s hard to tell which way is up because there’s as much moss in the trees as there is covering the rocks running along side the fresh water creeks. Pulled the prawn trap – our first prawn haul! 97 prawns! Set down in Remotesville Cove after passing over a few narrows that required my eyes on the bow. Prawns for dinner and the company of another pair of loons and some drifting jelly fish.


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