Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 8/ August 8th – Port McNeill to Rough Bay, Sointula

Saw Jeff off on his bike back to Vancouver with some left over pizza and not much more! After a long morning and early afternoon of getting laundry done, groceries sorted and fuelled up we headed out for a short trip over to Sointula. Port McNeill was packed with fish boats waiting for DFO’s green light to descend upon the biggest sockeye school on record. With Scott being a boat builder and me having an obsession with co-ops, we’d both heard a great deal about the small Finnish settlement so it was nice to see the place.

Sointula was as jammed with fish boats as McNeill, but a friendly wave from a friendly local fishing couple drew our attention to an open spot at the end of a finger. We hiked up to the harbour office to find shared bikes for the 1 km ride into the village. Cruized down grazing on blackberries along the way. Nice dinner at the pub overlooking the channel.


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