Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 13/ August 13th – Fury Island to Pruth Bay, Calvert Island

Finnish cardamom bread French toast for brekkie – super yum. Motored North up Fitz Hugh Sound then at some point put sails up and trucked along pretty nicely for a while. Saw our first whale of the trip. Humpback but from a distance – no photos. Ran into a slew of fishing lodge boats, so dropped the lines but still no luck on the fishing front.

Drove past an interesting boat that we’ll call the “Swiss shoe” boat.  Note the carved eagle perched on his bow keeping a lookout.

Anchored just within reach of the intermittent guest wifi network at Hakai Research Centre. Grabbed a bottle of red wine and some chocolate and hiked over to West beach for the sunset.  Toasted marriage and a great honeymoon – how lucky we are.


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