Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 4/ August 4th – Lund to Beaver Cove, Loughborough Inlet

Lund to Loughborough Inlet is the first leg of the trip where it starts to feel like we are losing the population.  Started the day in a nice little marina/town and ended it anchored in an arm of an Inlet all by ourselves for the first time.

Passed a few pleasing vessels along the way, one or two sea lions, tried to coordinate a visit with a friend working at Sonora Resort (impossible due to currents), transited Whirlpool and Dent rapids at slack, did some fishing, then tied up at Shoal Bay for the afternoon.  Great little stop – salmon schooling within view from the pier, cold beer on tap, vegetables available from the garden by donation.  Jeff did some work. Scott had a nap and tried to stay awake to read the history of the area.

Left the dock in the late afternoon and motor to Beaver Cove, passing Greene Point rapids at slack.  Highlight of the evening was being surrounded by hundreds of jellyfish!


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