Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 17/ August 17th – Koeye River to Rock Inlet (Namu)

With a strong recommendation to try out Namu for matching our missing bolt we headed there with the engine sounding rough. Pulled up to find the old cannery looking a little worse off than last year, lonely with it’s caretakers having moved on. One of the towers has fallen and the Chilcotin Princess looks to have sunk a few feet deeper. After Scott finished a bit of bright work we headed in to have a look. The place has been looted, drawers emptied, things smashed, engines missing. Some things left in place, accident reports, old punch cards, jars of salmon and jam, thermos replacements, stove pipe pieces.

We searched through piles and piles of random bolts and found not one, but two that matched! Very pleased, we headed around into Rock Inlet where we found a nice private corner and secured ourselves in with a stern tie.


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