Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 10/ August 10th – Blunden Harbour to Millbrook Cove

Scott picked up anchor and got us off to an early start. Headed out to round Cape Caution with good visibility and glassy calm waters. This lasted a few hours and then we hit the rollers. Big ones. Or at least they felt big. Confused waves coming in and out over the shoals, rocks and islands that surround the Cape. Bad enough that each of us popped a gravol. Put up the main sail for stability which worked a little better. Had a nice downwind motorsail into sunny and sandy Dsulish Bay. Recovered with a nice dinner on the sandy beach and a swim. Water was surprisingly warm. Tucked into Millbrook Cove for a big full moon and calm evening.


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  1. If you two needed gravol around the cape I would have needed a priest.