Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 14/ August 14th – Pruth Bay

Staying true to the more leisurely pace of this years trip, we slept in and decided to enjoy another day of sun stretching our legs on Calvert. Packed a lunch and started out across the seven gorgeous beaches with a quick stop at the lookout on the way. Strolling across one sandy beach, back into salal and stunted cedars and onto another bright beach. Stopped to examine the little blue colonies that have been washing up along the coast - they travel through the sea with a little transparent sail and have been prolific this year. Left kelp art in our wake.

Settled back into the boat and were approached by a Nordri admirer. Marty and his wife, Mary from Prince Rupert who were taking a year to sail around the coast and were drawn to Nordri’s pilot house. I’m not sure why it’s so much more amazing when you make a connection out on the coast. Turns out Marty and Mary are great friends of a friend Kim went to elementary school with as well as a bunch more people in Prince Rupert we know. We had them over for a glass of wine and sharing favourite spots. They left us with a “buck tail” which is a fly you can trail off the back of your boat at 4 knots. They had caught a 13lb spring with one the day before. 


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