Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 26/July 26 – Uncharted Cove to Klemtu

Headed out early from Uncharted Cove and pulled our empty prawn trap. We must have confused a beautiful double ended steel hull sailboat – they headed in to uncharted cove as we were leaving because we noticed them coming back out a few minutes later - easy to get lost amidst the confusing inlets and channels. 

Had a nice day – first foggy day with a little bit of rain. Still warm though. Came up an inlet and did a bit of fishing. Glassy calm. Passed a few boats. Cautiously came through a narrows. Saw an otter as we crossed the channel into Klemtu.

I just love listening to the radio when you come into communities. The first thing we heard was a child saying, “I love you” and someone returning the sentiment. Others casually summoning one another. Announcements of this meeting and that meeting. “can you bring this with you?”. 

We rounded the gorgeous big house that sits on the corner of Klemtu welcoming all visitors to the village. We weren’t sure where to pull in, so we found a space at the end of a less full dock that had a few houses on it. Had a chat with the fisheries manager who was tidying up after a day on the water. Learned about the Guardians, abalone and crab surveys they are involved in, the tourism and bear watching season about to start. Then Phil pulled up with the SEAS and Nancy Turner having been out in the field for the day. They had collected samples of flora and did an experiment to see how many huckleberries they could pick in 15 minutes. They also had a haul of crabs of the most amazing size. 

We were joined by Doug Neasloss, Stewardship Director and Whitney Sadowski, Marine Planning Coordinator and all gathered at Nancy’s residence in the Administration Office for a dinner of salmon, crab, potatoes, slaw and huckleberries and chocolate covered hob nobs for dessert. Lovely to listen to everyone’s stories and observations from this wonderful place. After dinner we walked down to the Big House for a tour and sharing of Kitasoo Xais’xais stories. An incredible evening.
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