Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 5/ August 5th – Beaver Cove to Port Neville

Up anchor and yanked a prawn trap set the previous night.  After pulling up 200+ feet of line we were rewarded with… TWO prawns!  One for me, one for Jeff.  We win.

Motored out through Whirlpool Rapids into Sunderland Channel then threw up sails and had a stiff beat up Johnstone Strait in 30 knots winds.  Not too much chop – quite nice sailing! Double reef and small jib, trucking to windward at about 5 knots.  Heard on the radio that a sailboat in Port Neville had wrapped it’s anchor rode around it’s keel somehow and was looking for a diver.

After a nice day of sailing we motored into Port Neville.  Brief chat with the nice double-ender who had by then got his anchor rode clear enough to continue on.  Motored deep into the inlet looking for nice spots, then eventually turned around an came out to anchor opposite of Port Neville for the evening.  Within 3G connectivity, we cracked beers and checked out Facebooks.  I heard Jeff say “this is the life”.


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  1. Little white specs, second-from-last image: ton o' birds.