Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 21/August 21st–Duncanby Marina to Blunden Harbour

5:30am departure from Duncanby. All looked clear for a Cape Caution rounding. Overcast and glassy waters. Not half as much swell as we had coming up. Plodded along and through the wind swept islands taking turns napping, cooking, cleaning and spotting whales along the shore. After the rounding we came across a wall of fog. Wasn’t letting up with barely 1/8 mile of visibility and so we decided to tuck into Skull Cove and wait it out. Remembering the dinner invitation at Blunden Harbour with Lady Jane and Loose Wire II, we called ahead on 72 to let them know we didn’t think we were going to make it. 

We cautiously navigated towards Skull Cove using radar, nav software/GPS and holding compass bearings. It’s a strange combination of shock and relief when you finally spot the shore emerging from the fog. A shock to see it so close and relief to have something tangible to locate yourself. Just beyond the fog there’s blue sky and sun and Skull Cove was as inviting as it was the first time we were there last year. Scott made brownies (from scratch I have to add) and we were relaxing on deck when we heard the distinct blow of a whales breath just on the other side of the rocks. Raced into the dingy and clammered over the rocks with binoculars and the camera and enjoyed watching this whale feed while the fog ebbed and flowed, hiding and revealing the islands. We heard a little horn go off and out of the fog emerged the “Swiss shoe” boat!

We could see the wind picking up and blowing out the fog. We pulled anchor and had one of the best downwind sails we’ve had in Nordri yet hitting 8 knots at one point! Sailed all the way into Blunden Harbour where we saw Lady Jane and Loose Wire II rafted together. Hailed us on 72 – the invitation for dinner stands! Most delicious spring salmon and mac and cheese ever!   


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