Sunday, August 25, 2013

Days 45/August 14 – Prince Rupert

With Mark and Arran now gone back to the city, and Kim not due back until Friday, I’m working diligently on:

1. Relaxing

2. Sleeping

3. Boat projects

… in no particular order.

Spent the day wandering around Rupert and getting the lay of the land. I tucked the boat onto the inside of the government dock here (best spot in town says Hermit John!), did some fishing gear shopping, checked out the hardware stores, sipped a few coffees and generally just recovered from an intense/busy few days with Mark and Arran.  Also went to the library and checked out some books, which I will return in a few weeks either in Vancouver or some other library in the province.  Great system!  One of the books that I found is called ‘Calamity Harbour’, which was another recommendation from Hermit John; true account of an unfortunate grounding in 1787 of a British Explorer named Capt.Colnetts ship on the rocks in a bay on the South Western corner of Banks Island (looks really interesting!).

Highlight of the day was the snowbirds airshow that Kim had arranged for me to keep me entertained.  (Thanks Kim!)

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