Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 50/August 19th – Baker Inlet to Lowe Inlet

Woke up with some light tapping on the pillows. Drips. Rain. The first real rain we’ve had. We really haven’t had to worry about leaks this whole trip until now – nothing a few garbage bags over the hatch couldn’t fix. The diesel stove on the other hand was not so easy to fix. It had started acting up last week and Scott spent the better part of the morning taking it apart and putting it back together to make no difference. A cooler start to the day.

Pulled the prawn trap on the way out to find about a dozen nice sized spot prawns and headed out for part 2 of Grenville Channel. Caught the tide heading out the narrows at a more comfortable rate and down the channel we were able to get a nice 3 knot push. Steamed the prawns and smothered with butter for a snack as we passed by gorgeous layers of mountains with whisps of fog and cloud pulling up and down.

We came up to the entrance to Lowe Inlet and felt the usual excitement of not knowing if you’ll be lucky enough to have an inlet all to yourselves - was relieved when we came in to find an empty bay. A nice little falls at the north end of the inlet provided a constant current for us to anchor against – no stern tie required. After admiring our surroundings and the potential for bear viewing on either side – estuary to the right, an old rock weir to the left - we settled into getting the oven repaired and making dinner. We got a little side tracked when I thought I’d spotted my first bear on the beach! But it wasn’t a bear…it was another wolf. There were two of them playing around with each other and plucking salmon out of the creek. They were just young and it looked like they were practicing. We all ate our salmon dinners and enjoyed the company until it got too dark. Tried to make it an early night as the prospects for 7:30am super low tide wild life viewing seemed promising. 

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