Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 52/August 21st – Un-named Cove to Europa Hotsprings to Bishop Bay – Double hotsprings!

Most interesting crab trap haul to date - massive periwinkle snail things and an octopus! I was in the head when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye – an octopus tentacle suctioning its way in through the window. Those things can move! It hauled down the side of the boat before Scott could get it back in the water. Pulled anchor and headed for the hotsprings.

Was a bit of a trek out of the way, but well worth it. Tied onto a mooring bu0y and rowed to the steaming hut that house two pools and a shelter for changing. The water was gorgeous and we sat and watched the rain come down and the tide come up. The spearmint green glacier fed water that crept up was too tempting to resist and I managed to dunk twice. Our own little heaven for a few hours. All clean and relaxed we headed back to the boat and off for Bishop Bay to test out the hotsprings there.

Came around and into the bay to find two boats and one empty buoy. Tied up just before dark and headed for the pools. It was apparent that this hotsprings sees a little more traffic and was a little more developed. Dozens of signed flashers, buoys, bumpers, fenders hung from the ceiling and the cement pools and hut were covered with blissed out sentiments and initials. They were a little less slimy too. Had a short but sweet soak and then headed back for the best night’s sleep ever. Crazy phosphorescence off the oars and we rowed back to the boat. 

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  1. Hey there! We are a Canadian map making company, called Backroad Mapbooks, and we are writing a blog about Western Canada's best hot springs. We would love to feature one of your photos on our blog of Europa Hot Springs. We would give you credit for the shot of course.

    1. Hey Carly, thanks for the interest. Contact us through email at scottborstad(at)gmail(dot)com Cheers