Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 49/August 18th – Prince Rupert to Baker Inlet

Our intended early departure turned into a late afternoon departure after sending off some last minute emails, picking up a few last minute items and topping up the water. Wet and blustery, we headed out of the southern entrance of Prince Rupert. Wind over current flowing out of the Skeena made for some head on chop. Tried putting the sails up and that made things a bit smoother for the few moments we had wind. It died coming up to Porcher Island. Motor-sailed for a little ways and dropped the lines. Felt a nice sized fish on the line, but we never got to see it. Eventually dropped the main and motored up to Oona River for drive by wifi and then headed down into Grenville Channel for the first time. Once again so happy that we had the weather to come up the outside so everything inside will be new to us. Finally found our way to the Baker Inlet entrance and the current was running fast through Watt Narrows. We spun around the mouth, mustering the courage and wondering whether we should wait out the current. The quickly dwindling light forced us to bite the bullet and head in and it was fast. Too fast to check our SOG, but we had to be going at least 10 knots and the narrows were 60 meters at the widest spots. White knuckled it right out the other side and into the gorgeous inlet. Conditions looked perfect for prawns, so we dropped the trap and then headed into the head of the inlet in the dark. The moon tried to make its way out from behind clouds, but only enough to illuminate how many clouds there actually were. Dropped the anchor through the phosphorescence and went to bed.

IMG_2707 IMG_2709

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