Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 51/August 20th – Lowe Inlet to Un-named Cove up from Bishop Bay – double wolf/triple whale!

Woke up to the sound of the falls and Scott scrambling to put the long lens on the camera – a bear?! Nope, the wolves were back, this time they were on the other side of the bay working the rock weir. We watched them over coffee and breakfast and managed to get a few good photos and video. Amazing to watch them pluck the salmon out of the water with so little effort. They anticipate where the salmon is going and just open their jaws and the fish seem to fly right in.

After they left we got our shore expedition on. Walked around the weir and followed their antics – dead salmon with no face. Wolves are only interested in eating salmon brains and faces (an evolutionary adaptation to reduce the risk of parasites more common in the body of the fish). After marveling at being in the same spot the wolves had just enjoyed we headed up a trail towards the falls to get a different view of them. Enjoyed some of the biggest huckleberries we’ve seen yet. Back to Nordri and off into the next leg which we thought was going to be a bit of a slog – turned into gorgeous calm waters with fair weather clouds with patches of blue skies. Had a lovely encounter with some bubble-net feeding humpbacks. You could hear their calls as they came up with their mouths open filled with startled herring. We had a few big breaches too.

Took the autopilot remote to the bow with a thermarest and some snacks and enjoyed the end of the light. Our goal for this evening’s anchorage was to get as close as possible to tomorrow’s destination – Europa hotsprings! Found an un-named cove that would do the trick. Dropped the hook with a stern tie along with the crab trap for good measure.

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