Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 54/August 23rd – Khutze to Mussel Inlet to James Bay

No bears. Hopped in Sturdi for a little expedition though. Stunning estuary littered with spawning salmon, seals, eagles and evidence of bears. Took the dingy up the river and drifted out passed the falls.

Crazy fog today – worse than we’ve had it. It was slow going trying to keep sight of the shore while triangulating with the radar and GPS.  At one point we had some waves come up off the bow and an RCMP boat emerged out of the thick of it. We almost aborted our mission to get to Mussel Inlet, but we made the right decision as the route took us out of the fog. We had a nice drive up to Mussel, but as soon as we got in it started raining like I’ve never seen it rain. The rain came down and cliffs came up all around us as we entered the inlet. The Coastal Guardian Watchmen checked in on us via the radio but didn’t have much to offer in terms of information on where/if to anchor. We drifted in front of the waterfalls and ate curry.

Decided to cut down our travel time into Bella Bella tomorrow by heading down a little further to James Bay. Came out of the rain and pulled into the lovely cove with no one around to hit. Dropped anchor and the crab trap and rested well knowing we had a good hold on the anchor with all the swing room you could want.

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