Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 36/August 5 – McMicking Inlet to Ire Inlet

Woke up in fog again, but we really needed to get going if we were going to see all that we wanted to see between here and Rupert before Friday. It was coming in waves and we could see the sun just above it all, so we crept out around 7am and followed our GPS track. By the time we had arrived back out in the channel it had lifted enough for us to pick up speed and head up Campania for Anger Island just off Pitt Island. Glassy calm, bright sun. We came through a fishy smelling orange coloured tide – red tide? A few more dolphins playing. Scott did a little jigging while I got some work done. Didn’t take long to catch a sizable halibut. It took us 3 attempts to get it in the boat after contemplating whether or not we should keep it. 33 inches so apparently 16 lbs. Glad we have a good fish cook book on board.

Wind picked up as we came into Ala Passage, enough to have a nice little downwind sail with just the jib. Enjoyed it so much we almost missed the tiny entrance to Ire Inlet. Once inside we were surrounded by jelly fish slowly pushing themselves around the bay surrounded by ancient cedars. Dropped anchor and explored the tidal falls at the end of the inlet. Enormous muscle bed right at the top of the tidal river, the perfect place to filter feed. Scrambled up a little hill, enjoying huckleberries as we went.  

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  1. Sounds like you've got this boating life dialed.