Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 34/August 3 – Hartley Bay to Harwood Cove

Spent the morning getting ready to go (aka – getting in as much internetting as possible) and had a late departure at around noon. With the permission of a few community members we picked some sour cherries from about a half dozen trees that were dripping in ripe ready-to-fall off berries. Had a laugh with a young brother and sister who interrupted their boardwalk to chat and balk at our picking the sour cherries. “They taste like hairspray,” they said as they nibbled the thimble berries.

Motored around to the tip of Campania to find humpbacks bubble net feeding. Tails in the distance, big misty breaths all around and a few huge splashes as they breached every once in a while.  Wind picked up and we headed into Harwook Cove – one of the few places to duck in on the West side of Campania Island. The sun was setting as we found our spot to anchor for the night. As we pulled up to the beach we saw a wolf. She didn’t seem shy and trotted along the beach long enough for us to catch her good side – looked like she had a wound on her left knee.

IMG_1712IMG_1715 IMG_1717 IMG_1768 IMG_1796 IMG_1820 IMG_1852 == IMG_1886

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