Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 35/August 4 – Harwood Cove to McMicking Inlet

Fog. I guess this is why they call it Fogust.  Woke up for an early start to get down to the sandy beaches of Campania, but the morning fog wouldn’t let us leave until 11. There used to be a game where you’d have to complete the sentence, “You know you’re a real Westcoaster when….”. This morning was a good one, “You know you’re a real Westcoaster when you make your own granola while sailing the Great Bear Rainforest.” Once the granola was made and the fog burned off we made our way down the side of this gorgeous island, past all the inlets covered with bonzied cedars. We were joined by a few white sided dophins who played off the wake of our bow for a stint. Found our way into the white sandy beaches and found Kyle and his family enjoying the sun. We anchored and took Sturdi into enjoy the last of the day and then tucked into McMicking Inlet which we had to share with a coast guard vessel, but there was plenty of room and we each had our own little cove.

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