Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 32/August 1 – Cameron Cove

Today was too gorgeous in this beautiful spot to move. We stayed put, enjoyed the sun and the breeze and the leaping salmon – still no bears. Baked, read, cooked and knocked off a few more jobs on the boat. 

Apart from a couple of photos of Scott’s rum and almond coffee cake (to which there was also a wild blueberry and almond offshoot brother cake), we’ve included a bunch of photos here from throughout our year.  We spent a great deal of effort this year getting Nordri ready for this trip, which seemed pretty crazy at the time… but we are certainly reaping the rewards now. It was all worthwhile! Thanks to all our friends and family who helped us both mentally and with elbow grease!!

IMG_1664 IMG_1667 IMG_2416 IMG_2422 IMG_2464 IMG_2473 IMG_2621 IMG_2670 IMG_2725 IMG_2802 IMG_2806 IMG_2907 IMG_2917 IMG_2954 IMG_3019 IMG_3085 IMG_9152 IMG_9272 IMG_9275 IMG_9292 IMG_9297

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