Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 7 - Campbell River to Octopus Islands

We’ve got crew! We have been joined by Scott’s parents – Gary and Lorraine Borstad. They were in good form for our 4am departure from Campbell River to get through Seymour Narrows. Wind picked up on our way through (really appreciating the pilot house and new windshield wipers!) and we took a little break at Kanish Bay and had some breakfast – the last of the salmon and egg sandwiches. 

Sun came out, currents and wind shifted and we headed out again around Granite Point and into Okisollo Channel. A nice downwind leg – threw the line out and the jib up. Gorgeous channel – so green. Came across the path of some playful dolphins – one in particular breached and swam on its side beside and under the hull. Smiles all round. 

Headed into Owen bay and dropped anchor and the prawn/crab trap for a few hours. No crabs, but everyone caught up on some z’s. Pulled anchor and headed out on another favourable current over to Octopus Islands Marine Park – lovely little group of sheltered islands. Scott got the dingy rigged up and out for a little sail. Lorraine and Gary cooked up a delicious dinner. All tucked in for the evening. 

Observations - days are so full it seems as if they are a week long. 

Have we mentioned how grateful we are that Nordri has a pilot house?
Happy Lorraine.
Gary at the helm.

White sided porpoises - FAST.

Gary and Lorraine post-dolphin party.
Kim and Patchi
Uber fromage couple yacht shot. Wow.
Scott takes Patchi out for a spin at Octopus Islands Marine Park. More sailing than we've done for the last few days.


  1. Apparently you left nothing behind, including parents.

  2. Posts are awesome Kim / Scott - keep them coming. I love the map too.

  3. @Heff Hehe, yep we left prepared for /almost/ anything. A lot of boat work could happen in theory.. think I've used almost all tools brought so far. @Alistair It takes some focus to sit down and write at the end of a long day, we're trying to just fit it into the regular schedule though! Sorry about all the 'people' shots so far, we just realized there are too many happy faces and not enough awesome scenery!