Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 8/July 8 - Octopus Islands to Shoal Bay

After rowing ashore to harvest some sea asparagus we pulled anchor (with only 4 feet beneath the keel!) and joined the parade of boats catching the right currents to get through Hole in the Wall. There was a bit of a game of chicken at the opening, but after seeing a couple of power boats go through, we bit the bullet and was the first of the sailboats to “enter”. Tugged and pulled from below a bit, but made it in and out the other side on one tide just fine. But then we had to tackle Yuculta Rapids and we were late. Called into Big Bay marina (in the middle of the rapids) for advice – they were pretty sure we could make it. So we went for it. It was pretty touch and go. There were points were we felt like we were standing still, but we made it and docked there until the next tide for part 2 of the rapids. Picked up eggs, marveled over the clarity of the water and tubulars growing off the dock and had a nice chat with a man summering in the Broughtons – doesn’t appear to be too many heading as far north as we’re going.

Shoal Bay fail – pub didn’t serve food, we somehow managed to get only Gary dropped off on the very crowded wharf and then couldn’t get a good anchor set. We eventually gave up, headed to a spot closer to the dock and doubled up our anchors to prevent swinging. Finally went and retrieved Gary who couldn’t even enjoy the pub because he was without his wallet. Trying again tomorrow.  

Me in Patchi
Gary and Lorraine in Patchi

Nordri enjoying the morning in Octopus Islands

Things got narrow

Blind Bay relief from the rapids

Swaying long locks of kelp
This beast sounded the funniest horn as it bore past us

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