Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 4 - Sturt Bay to Campbell River

Woke up to gale force warnings as predicted. You could feel it on the boat. This would be the day Nordri gets tested. We were the first up with our anchor, but the last to actually head out. Did so many rounds of the harbour that someone from the dock actually hollered an invitation for us to tie up...we were on our last lap. Scott was busy getting the boat a little more set-up for a windy day.

The initial plan was to head north around Savory, but the wind evened out before we got too far beyond Texada and we ended up B-lining it for Campbell River. Seemed like the right thing to do given the currents and NW gale warnings forcast for the evening.

Just as we got the sails up - wind died. What do we do when the wind dies? Drop the fishing line. With in 10 minutes we caught 2 salmon! Only one made it into the boat - a nice medium sized guy. Filleted him right there and threw the carcass on the bbq to snack on while we motored the rest of the way in.

Found a spot at Discovery Marina and enjoyed hot showers and very close proximity to a Canadian Tire. Wind picked up just as we came in and blew very strong all night.  Nice to be tied up tonight as it was howlin! No photos today, we promise to make it a priority tomorrow!

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