Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 3 - Smugglers Cove to Sturt Bay

Slept hard. Scott got up early and ground up some of the matchstick coffee we brought along - knowing we only have about a weeks supply of these delicious beans, I enjoyed the cup even more. Got the vinyl registration numbers on the side of the boat (this is how we roll), pulled up anchor and drove over to Secret Cove for a bit more diesel and a place for me to do a teleconference meeting. Hot day again as we headed out and up Texada. Not much wind to speak of until late afternoon when we rode a nice downwind breeze. Hit 5 knots against a 1 knot current. It felt great. Tucked into Sturt Bay at a decent hour. A little fuzzing with the anchor and we were in for the night. Pushing north!  Didn't take many photos today, but here's one for Mario... My best attempt at holding that loooooong lens steady while snapping a photo of Mr. Washington's tug conversion!

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