Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 2 - Kitsilano to Smuggler Cove

A beautiful morning in Kits! Up early to get off and away only to stumble upon a few “minor” jobs that needed taken care of (like bolting down the wheel base!) should the winds pick up to the predicted 20 – 25 knots. Of course all of these jobs required tools, buried under other tools, tucked away in rubbermaids – systems we don’t yet have in place and places for things we haven’t yet figured out. By the time we stumbled through bolting down the wheel base, got the sails identified and organized, tied everything down on deck and off we went. Gorgeous sunny day to see Vancouver fade off into the distance as we pulled around the corner of the Sunshine Coast. Wind died quickly off Gibsons and soon enough we were motoring up to Smugglers Cove. We knew we were going to need to row a stern line to shore in Smugglers Cove requiring a dingy. Our dingy, Patchi, is a classic, but has been taking on water so we decided to bob around in the sunset just outside of Smugglers while Scott did a quick patch up job on her. It seemed like a one person job and so I decided to drop a line while we waited. Just a little groundfish jigging. Couldn’t have been longer than 10 minutes after I put in, I caught a huge ling cod! Fantastic! Except that it was 9pm, we were exhausted, starving and now had to clean and fillet a beast, anchor our boat (which we decided to re-set), cook dinner while defending ourselves to swaths of mosquitoes. Can't believe it's only day 2...

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