Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22/July 22 - North Beach, Calvart Island to Goose Island

Woke up to the sound of humpback breath off the beach. Breakfast Scandinavian style – hard boiled eggs, dried meat, cheeses – packed up and hiked back to the boat through the early morning singing, chirping bog forest, over the lily covered lake and across pristine West Beach. As we walked down the wharf, we spotted a school of squid which is promising for Scott and his squid lures. Back to the mothership. Caught the weather forecast – good weather window - so we headed “outside” for Goose Island. Popped our lines in the water on the way out and caught a nice little pink in under 10 minutes. Kim cleaned it up – we’re getting good at this!

Motor sailed over to Goose Island to find one other boat tucked in. We had just enough light to hop in the dingy and do a bit of exploring. Everything seems cleaner, washed out and bigger on the outside of the coast. Goose Island is covered in big sandy beaches trimmed with stony islets and islands covered with old growth cedar. There were wolf tracks everywhere and as the sun set and Scott tried to capture the best sides of two herons they began to howl signalling the end of the evening. It was magical.

We took off and had just enough light to round a point to explore another beach, this one almost choked out with kelp forest, spider crabs dangling from their long locks in the transparent water. This beach also had wolf tracks, but fewer, bleached out logs built up all around. Following a small paw patted down trail through the understory and a few cedars to another beach which was covered with tracks. More magic.

After the bugs became unbearable, we made our way back to the boat in Sturdi over the slow moving glassy water. Looking back I caught out of my eye the most magnificent moon that took my breath. Slept well and dreamt of those wolves on the beach. 

Not at all surprised that National Geographic has named the GBR as one of their top 20 must see places!

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