Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 21/July 21 – Unnamed Cove to Hakai North Beach

Spent most of the day puttering about the boat. Successfully canned salmon. Tried out some knot work. Baked more bread. Scott took Sturdi out for some fishing (nothing big enough to keep). Didn’t pull anchor until early evening and headed towards the giant yachts parked outside the Hakai Beach Institute. Pulled into a less crowded cove to the left, packed up Sturdi with tent and sleeping bags and headed for the dingy dock – tonight we go terrestrial!
Signed the Hakai Beach Institute’s guest book, downloaded emails (yes, we brought a computer camping!) and headed out to West Beach and then on to North Beach. Kim had been to West Beach before with “work”, but North Beach was a first for both of us and we had the whole place to ourselves. Set up the tent (no fly needed) in the squeaky sand, had a little fire, enjoyed the last of the light and the sound of waves crashing. 
IMG_0746 Scott researching how to can salmon from the e-book library.
IMG_0749 IMG_0765 IMG_0770 IMG_0772 IMG_0777 IMG_0792

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  1. hahahaha "work"

    good job on the salmon. my favourite food of all time is a tin/jar of salmon. did you put some spine in each jar? :)

    this looks dreamy. very happy for you