Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 19/July 19 – Kilbella Bay to Dawson’s Landing

If you tracked our GPS today, you might be a little confused as to how we covered so much ground at 25 knots! We got to spend the day with the Wuikinuxv Guardian Watchmen as they went out on their daily patrol. We untied at Killbella and headed to Dawsons Landing where we were picked up and then went out around Egg Islands.

The Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network is an Indigenous stewardship initiative of all the Great Bear Rainforest First Nations. Each Nation has Guardians that monitor, observe and record the activities in their traditional territory. They are also involved with bear and salmon research and do much of the ground truthing for their land and marine use planning. I’ve always wanted to spend a “day in the life” of a Guardian and it was fantastic to witness them welcome and greet visitors to their territory. Most people had never heard of the Guardians and everyone was curious and impressed to learn about the network.

Back at Dawsons Landing we had a relaxing evening of wifi and throwing sticks for the stick crazy Alsatian. Chatted with a man who had flown in from Sechelt to do some fishing, but hadn’t had much luck – somehow we figured out that Scott had raced on a boat he was part owner of in Sidney over a decade ago. Had a humpback come up about 50m from the wharf!

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