Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 9/July 9 - Shoal Bay to Blind Channel

Favourite day yet. Sea asparagus omelettes for breakfast! Pulled anchor at Shoal Bay (out from under a power boat!) and decided to take an easy travel day and pop across to Phillips Arm on the other side of the channel. Drifted down in current with no wind, Scott hopped in the dingy to explore the shore (so close, yet we were over 150ft of water), Gary and Lorraine enjoyed the scenery - and then it picked up just enough from behind us for me to pull out both head sails and completely bliss out wing on wing – sun came out and brightened snow-capped mountains, emerald cedars and turquoise waters. The trees that line the shore are so impeccably trimmed by high tides it looks like there is a very particular hedge trimmer working overtime perfecting every tree up and down the inlets.

We tucked into a little tiny cove for the afternoon. Scott stayed on the boat and finished odd jobs without stumbling over us. Gary, Lorraine and I went to shore to stretch our legs. Picked huckle berries, harvested sea weed and explored under a giant maple. Little creek gurgling, old man’s beard drifting in the wind, game trails breaking up the deciduous wall heading back deep into the forest. Picked up a giant sea star with countless legs in the crab trap. Returned to the ship and headed out to catch the current to Blind Channel. Almost missed the dock the current was so strong! Stocked up on diesel and water and "borrowed" some yeast from the store.  Headed up to the lovely family run resort for a delicious dinner filled with laughter induced by the two bottles of wine we were easily convinced to order by our young chipper waitress from Sudbury, Ontario! Recounted the hilarious and ridiculous stories of the day which we will spare you. Got showered up and had the most bouncy evening yet – on a dock! Current.       
Waking up to sea asparagus omlettes.

Huckleberry desert.
Tucked away in a bay for a day.
Sea star swallowing our bait whole.

Nicely trimmed forest.
Navigating narrow channels.

Borrowed this beach for the day.


  1. Guys... LOVING the blog! Congrats on making this trip happen. Super happy for you. The tracker is sweet too. I'll know where to go when I follow in your footsteps! Safe travels!

  2. Thanks for posting! It's great to see a bit of your adventures. Keep 'em comin', and safe travels.

  3. I'm impressed with your resourcefulness. Knowing the wildlife and plants to collect. You could make a sailors cookbook.