Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 10/Jul 10 - Blind Channel to Port Neville

Another early departure, pushed off at 5:20am to get through Green Point Rapids and Whirlpool Rapids. Cold and cloudy morning getting through the first rapids. Dropped the stern anchor in a tiny sheltered cove - Kim did some jigging and Gary some drawing in the sun while we waited for favourable currents to get through Whirlpool Rapids. We nailed slack tide and passed though easily, you could see how this would be a nasty place to hit at the wrong time. Putted up Forward Bay to have a look – nice spot, but we decided to press on.

Turned into a dark and gusty afternoon beating up Johnstone Strait, decided to tuck into Port Neville. Just as we were creeping up on the point, Scott noticed a suspicious looking over turned aluminum skiff and two kayaks on the beach. We turned in to have a better look and take a few photos (thanks for the lens Mars!) couldn’t get much closer with the wind and waves and were relieved to tie up at the pubic wharf at Port Neville.

A lovely white sandy beach, a big old house that used to be the homestead of Oli Hanson who rowed there with one arm from New Westminster in the late 1800’s. Were greeted by the care taking couple that keep the place up, had a tour of the house - mason jars, old stoves, tinctures, rocking chair, news papers and specs. After a little listening, Gary was able to score some fresh kale and lettuce from their garden.

Scott mentioned the overturned aluminum boat and kayaks to Chet, the caretaker, and suddenly we were in an episode of beachcombers – Chet thought he should check it out, but not without his neighbour, Yellow Bear, and invited Scott along too. They all jumped in Yellow Bear’s skiff "I want him back!" I shouted as they took off out into the wind and break. "Who?, joked Yellow Bear – it was only a little bit funny. We all tuned channel 08. Yellow Bear called in to get someone to call the RCMP. Scott called back for us to write down the registration number off the aluminum boat. Later we found out it was a tender that was cut in high winds and waves. The owner is in Parkesville and is headed back up with a trailer.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day. Scott and I headed out in Patchi for a little rockfishing. We tied off to some kelp and caught a few snapper that were just a little too small. We needed to be further out, but Patchi just wasn’t going to do it. We got a few worried check-in calls from Gary on the VHF – this is when we realized we may need a more substantial dingy…apparently we looked a little low in the water.


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