Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 15/July 15 – Port McNeill to Murray’s Labyrinth

Glassy calm as we left Port McNeill. I scrambled to get off a bunch of emails before we left range and Scott landed a nice 6 pound spring salmon. Headed across the strait. Waves turned to rollers. We saw a huge otter in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The wind behaved itself and we got used to the rolling motion of the open ocean. Found our way into the outer coastal islets. Now we feel like we’re getting North. Wind pummelled trees. Booming waves. Bare rock faces. We were feeling adventuresome and so took the advice of the cruising guide and crept in slowly to Murray’s Labyrinth. Tricky entry, but not too bad with someone on the bow – a wonderful lagoon of moss laden trees, crevassed rocks, kelp forests. Broke in the new dinghy engine with a slow exploration. Had the whole place to ourselves.






IMG_0462  IMG_0463

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