Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 13/July 13 – Crease Island to Port McNeill

Cruised through the crazy currents of the Broughtons. Passed by all sorts of birds and minke whales. Gorgeous calm, flat seas as we b-lined for Port McNeill for a town day. Laundry, groceries, a few extra fishing tackle accessories…a new dingy! After 5 days of wobbly boarding and un-boarding of Patchi, plus the sketchy evening of rockfishing off Port Neville, Gary and Lorraine convinced us we needed a more substantial dingy. So off to the marine store we went – all they had was a Walker Bay for $2300. We found another one on the street that wasn’t for sale, but was in the yard of a yacht broker. Knowing every boat is for sale for the right price, we tracked down his name and number off the Port McNeill Marina, left him a message and he got back to us – yup, it’s his dingy and it’s not for sale, but for the right price he didn’t want us to be stuck.  Walked back down the hill to cruise the docks for other boats for sale that might have a tender up for grabs and a guy on a motorcycle pulled up to ask us directions – it was Scott Baker! He used to sit across from me (Kim) back at the office. He came over for beer and chips on the bow and a little confab on his way up to the Dawson City Music Festival.

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  1. Wow. I would never expect to meet anyone I know on a trip like that.