Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 14/July 14 – Port McNeill

We said good-bye to Gary and Lorraine - they hopped on the bus back to Campbell River and we stayed in their motel room long enough to find ourselves a dingy on Craigslist?! Yup – inflatable Titan dingy with never been used 5 horse engine – it had been posted it the night before by the lovely Art, he’d had a bunch of responses from people further away but noticed our email which said we were in Port Hardy for 4 hours and so he called us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect exchange! He came into town and picked us up, took us to his gorgeous property just outside of town (the most amazing concrete raised garden beds), helped us start the never before been started engine in a barrel of water, provided all the tools for us to fix the grommets on the torn webbing that keeps the gas tank in one place, helped us launch the boat, taught us a new knot, shared a few life lessons and took Patchi back to his place to store it for the summer! It really couldn’t have worked out better for us – just perfect. Took her out for a little warm up/break in the engine put-put around the harbour and named her, ‘Sturdi’. Tried to get an early night for the big passage tomorrow, but got distracted by odd jobs. Ate at Gus’ Pub, again.  




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