Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 11/Jul 11 – Port Neville to Matilpi

Great night’s sleep tied up across from a Hans Christian – a few boats came in after dark and were gone by morning. Left early enough to catch 2 nice sized rock cod off the point – one with a bonus squid inside it! Motored up Johnstone Strait into the first rain of our trip. Looked like a bit of fog so we hung a left into Havannah Straight.

Coming up between two islands we spotted a deer head bobbing in the water swimming across our bow. Sun came out again and we stuck our snapper heads in the prawn trap to hopefully catch a little more than starfish this time. Dropped the trap and tucked into Matilpi, an indigenous village site and you could see why. Sheltered, south facing, fresh water creeks, lovely beach with lots of life. Gary and I (Kim) rowed ashore for a little exploration. Crunchy shelled beach, berries and fish popping out of the glassy water. Back to check the trap – yup, another starfish, but the 2 dozen prawns were a significant upgrade!








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