Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 69/ September 7th–Teakerne Arm to Squirrel Cove

An easy day today. Hung around the waterfall as long as we could. Scott took a dive off the boat. I met him at the waterfall and we both did a little bathing. Dad and I went for another walk with the elderly dogs who took on the personas of youthful mountain goats as we climbed up to the lake. Lazed around for a bit and then headed off to Squirrel Cove. Gorgeous sunny and hot again. Pizza party tonight.



  1. Squirrel Cove!

    That's one of my research sites. Please don't anchor in the mouth of the channel behind protection island, you'll make my sea cucumbers sad.

  2. Yay! Happy to see you posting again of your journeys through paradise... It is such a treat to look at your photos and read about your explorations. I'm inspired to dust off my camera and do a little exploring of my own. I promise to leave more comments to spur you on, though I can't promise they will be as interesting to read as your posts! Thanks for taking the time and effort to share this, we love reading it. Xox Anna ps. We had pizza for dinner tonight too. :p

  3. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and I was looking forward to catching up on your adventures and getting a little dose of vicarious living! Update soon! My cookies need you. Trust you're having a wonderful time. Xo