Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 68/ September 6th– Rebecca Spit to Teakerne Arm

Woke up hot! Blue sky sunny morning. Joined Dad and the dogs for their morning stroll on the beach. Headed over to town in Nugget for some groceries, ice and fuel. Returned to Nordri and reluctantly pulled anchor at this lovely spot. Motored out into glassy waters and caught up to Nugget. Was fun to run side by side down the channel between Cortez Island and Redonda.

Made our way into Teakerne Arm and were delighted to see the spot under the waterfall that you see in all the guide books vacant! Struggled to set two anchors off the bow of Nordri and got a stern tie onto big cleats dug into the rocks behind us (couldn’t help notice a few cut lines dangling from previous stays coming to an abrupt end…?). Got Nugget snugged in next to us and enjoyed dinner and a bottle of prosecco by the waterfall. Went for a little after dinner explore up to the lake that feeds the falls. Came back for some dessert and trip planning for the next few days.



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