Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 62/ August 31st – Eucott Hotsprings to Namu

6am wake up. Make coffee. Soak. So good.
These have been the hottest hotsprings to date. We actually couldn’t even get into the big pool until we’d redirected water into the bath tub (with the most spectacular view!) and even then we had to wait at least 20 minutes before the water in the bath tub had cooled to a reasonable temperature. We enjoyed the natural pool for over an hour before heading back to Nordri for a long leg to Namu.
Long but enjoyable cruise down Burke Channel. Nice, light and sunny and not at all representative of the fierce winds and harsh chop you can come up against in these waters. The legends of Mesachie Nose are terrifying! We had to skip a visit to Bella Coola and to Kwatna – both places Kim had had special time in earlier this spring that we would have liked to explore, but we have to start cutting some corners as cooler weather sets in.
Stopped in a small inlet for a little break and were lured out by dolphins feeding on herring. They were amazing – their little bursts of air and moving together so fast and then resting after the temporary excursion. Such a special thing to watch.
Carried on and tied up at Namu just as the sun was setting. The care takers here are packing up after 9 years of operating a floating moorage and looking out for the decrepit old cannery that is falling into the sea. Pulled up a couch in the moorage shack and watched herring surface and listened to two distant humpbacks bubblenet feeding. Magic place.  

 IMG_4158  IMG_4174 IMG_4184 IMG_4186 IMG_4199 IMG_4209 Interesting rock faces up and down Burke Channel. IMG_4220 IMG_4246   
IMG_4283IMG_4285 IMG_4304


  1. Interesting that you should photopgraph this particular ship Scott. In summer 1981, you sailed on her as a 3 yeat old with 8 year old Thias, Mom and I. We had a wonderful 5 day cruise from Vancouver to Bella Bella, Klemtu and Namu then back to Victoria.


    1. That's so funny Dad! Didn't recognize the name of the ship and certainly didn't realize that it's the same one that had formed the basis to a story I had heard a million times growing up!! For anyone interested... I fell flat on my face while running down the dock excited after my 5-day cruise from Vancouver to Bella Bella back in '81 when I was toddler! Sliced my tongue right down the middle and the two sides were (apparently) wiggling back-and-forth separately! Blood everywhere!!! ;)