Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 61/ August 30th – Ocean Falls to Eucott Hotsprings

Were going to get an early start and spend a nice full day at Eucott Hotsprings, but got a little distracted with the antics of Ocean Falls. Ran into the owner of the large boat shop and Nearly Normal Norman’s museum when we couldn’t find Nearly Normal Norman (apparently it was his 79th or 65th birthday the night before and he hit the magic mushroom pizza a little hard). We got a great tour of the old building and all the old winches and tools that have survived the decades and changes of Ocean Falls. Then we got sucked into a little more exploring and then it was time to eat lunch and catch up on some Facetiming. By the time we’d finished visiting with all of our new Ocean Falls friends who came to visit us on the dock, we were running late for an evening soak at Eucott – it was a little busy with 2 other boats there anyhow. We did stop by Alexander Mackenzie’s final stop on his expedition across Canada in 1793. A big rock where he apparently missed Captain Vancouver and his crew by a week. 

      IMG_4113 IMG_4118 IMG_4120 IMG_4128 IMG_4158

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