Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 59/August 28th - Shearwater

Had breakfast at the restaurant this morning, picked up our fish and loaded Alistair onto the seabus heading over to Bella Bella so that he could catch his morning flight.

I then did laundry, caught up on the blog over another coffee and pie at the restaurant, and did a few errands (boat stuff from the marine store).  Also did a bunch of route planning.  Kim flies in tomorrow morning to Bella Bella, but I think we’ll get her onto a floatplane and flown into Ocean Falls tomorrow afternoon.  I will take the boat by myself back to Ocean Falls to pick her up, then head with her up to Eucott Hot Springs!  It’s a bit of a crazy route, but I think we can fit it in, and it would be nice to check out the springs, as well as Alexander Mckenzie’s rock (which is enroute).  Stay tuned!

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