Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 56/August 25th – Bella Bella to Ocean Falls

We stayed last night on the hook in the bay opposite of Shearwater.  Nice consistent 60ft depth with good holding – the docks we very busy with weekend traffic, plus a pile of seiners arriving for what would turn out to be a 13hr salmon opening on Monday. 

This morning we filled up all our tanks.  I’ve come to quite enjoy the feeling of having completely full diesel and fresh water tanks.  Nordri has 80 gallons diesel capacity and 88 gallons of fresh water.  That’s been lots to allow us to go from say Rupert to here very comfortably, while taking our time to go do big detours and poke the bow into some interesting spots along the way.  After fueling up, over to the Bella Bella public dock where we found temporary moorage alongside a couple of crab boats that were tied up waiting for weather (it’s been a bit ugly offshore lately).  We found my friend Alistair on the dock waiting for us, and after a quick run up to the grocery store (in the church remember), Kim got packed up and headed for the airport.  She’s got a set of meetings in Smithers, so Alistair will have to do as a sailing companion for the next couple of days. 

Took Nordri out Gunboat Passage then hit up a couple of fishing spots that Alistair’s ‘local connection’ had circled on the map.  Turned out to be pretty good intel, because within two hours we were continuing into Ocean Falls with 5 nice looking coho!  Humpback whales as well enroute… Alistair got what’s become a normal occurence… whatching whales from a few hundred meters when all of a sudden one surfaces right beside the boat!  I guess that they are probably just as curious as we are!

Tied up at the end of the dock in Ocean Falls just as the sun headed down.  Tomorrow should be very interesting!


Is this a hint that it’s time for me to start thinking about heading back to work soon?IMG_4011

Alistair cleaning fish. All coho.IMG_4012

Looking SW down Burke Channel on a nice evening.

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