Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 65/ September 3rd–Blunden Harbour to Lagoon Cove


Woke up to some serious fog. Foggiest fog yet. So dense we couldn’t make out the boats anchored next to us. All we could do was stay cozy in bed and enjoy our morning coffee while the stove gradually warmed up the cabin. Slowly started moving along just before noon. Headed down the mainland trying to keep the shoreline in sight. Not a ripple in the water outside of a few porpoises. Another world.

Plotted down Queen Charlotte Strait towards Lagoon Cove and the radio got busy with people helping each other out through debris in the water. It sounded like it was everywhere and was slowing everyone down to our speed! Apparently really dry weather and then really wet weather, compounded by clear cutting = land slides which = serious debris in the sea. We came to it just as it started to POUR with rain. We had to slow way down and Kim had to go stand up on the bow using some arm signals we came up with to navigate the way through. We crept into Lagoon Cove Marina in the dark and were greeted by two soaked helping hands on the dock. Tied up and tucked in for the night.







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