Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 29/July 29 – Alston Cove to Plenty Cove

We decided that Loredo Inlet was treating us well and so we decided to spend another day. Pulled anchor at Alston Cove and headed over to Plenty Cove which is supposed to be a bay of plenty of crabs. Dropped the trap and headed on across the Inlet to Fifer Cover and set anchor for the day. Hot and sunny. Took Sturdi up the estuary here and left her at the head of the creek and followed the bear and wolf trails up to the lake. Passed by the tastiest blueberries we’ve found yet. After observing the amazing flora and footprint traffic, Scott dove right into the fresh water. I had a quick dip, but prefer the cleaner tidal waters and saved my dip for back at the mouth of the creek. Picked blueberries all the way back. Just before getting back in Sturdi we noticed a Kitasoo Xais’xais bear research site. So cool to see this non-invasive bear data collection in action.   

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