Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 39/August 8 – Prince Rupert to Metakatla to Prince Rupert

Caught the water taxi over to Metlakatla to catch up with the Metlakatla Stewardship Society and try out the Metlakatla trail. Totally amazing all that they have accomplished in the last year. They’ve gone from 2 to 20 staff and have been building out their social enterprises (the trail and an essential oils distillery) all the while keeping up with an alarming amount of referrals and submissions for development proposals. Metlakatla’s traditional territory includes Prince Rupert and so they are having to respond to mega projects such as LNG terminals and the expanding Port. It’s a lot to keep on top of when you consider all the staff the federal and provincial governments have working on these things.

Then we set off on the Metlakatla trail – 20 kms in and out of an ancient walk up at the edge of the forest and the beach. Lined with culturally modified trees, arch sites, huckleberries, cedars heavy with moss, the path goes from cushioned earth to raised cedar boardwalk to suspension bridges that lead to towers that take you right up into the canopy of the forest. We took our time going in and then had to push it to get out and get on the ferry back to Rupert.

Town time – dropped off laundry, had a swim/hot tub at the public pool and dinner at Cow Bay Café. Not the original Cow Bay Café, but delicious all the same.   

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